This is not your typical fitness post.  I am not physically fit.  I am not athletic.  In fact, I am slightly to moderately overweight.  I have paid to have my fat sucked out – not once, but twice in my lifetime – only to realize there is so much more fat left!  Actually, I have more fat than before liposuction.  Of course, this did not happen overnight.  My weight gain and fat accumulation occurred over 14 years, too much travel for work, too many meals, too much food at each meal, and so on and so forth. I am fat because everything I do is in excess, not moderation.  I work too many hours, I eat too much…everything is too much.  I am sure there is some underlying psychological problem with me, I probably need a psychologist.  I do not deny that I probably have so many issues, but this is about my fitness journey.  The bottom (no pun intended) line is that I need to get into shape and slim down.

I say I want to slim down, and you say, “Why the hell do you want to fall into this scam of an unrealistic appearance?”  My answer: “Because it makes me feel better.”  I am not going to spew scientific literature at you, nor am I going to tell you all the reasons that excess body fat is bad for your body, organs, etc.  I don’t care about all of that.  Actually, if I am being completely honest, I am not entering into this fitness journey because it is the right thing to do for my body.  I am doing this because I like how I feel when I exercise and eat better.  I like how skinnier feels.

The plan


What I am willing to do – let’s be realistic. I already said I am slightly fat and not athletic.  What I am willing to do has to be realistic for me.

  • I will do cardio three times a week
    • Interval running and walking (using the app C25K – FREE) on the treadmill or outside. To be totally honest, I don’t like doing any athletic activity outside because I am self-conscious about people seeing how slow I “jog” and seeing my body jiggle. There is something very disconcerting about the fact that my butt will continue to wiggle and jiggle about 2 seconds after I stop moving. Just what I don’t need: Every person driving down 1st Avenue seeing my body jiggle.

A couple vices that will have to remain

  • I will drink alcohol whenever I feel like it. My drink of choice is Vodka mixed with soda and a lime, but when offered some white wine, I will not refuse it – EVER.
  • I will go to Starbucks whenever I feel like it. I always order a grande, iced Americano with 1 Splenda.  I may also order a warmed banana bread or a mixed berry greek yogurt depending on my mood.

I will begin my plan on Sunday and provide you with updates at least weekly.  I will make sure to provide any easy AND tasty recopies I discover, I will log my weight loss weekly, and I will update my workouts as I make changes.

To see my daily food intake, you may follow me on the My Fitness Pal app, username Ladedah79.

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